Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My LookBook 2: Some of My Favourite Things

Today's is one of those outfits composed of a few of my favourite accessories...
  • The colours – Red, white and navy. There's no US patriotism happening here, I just love the combination. Maybe it's a throwback from my teen years, with young, fresh-looking gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger models on my bedrooms walls. But I think it's the classic nautical theme. And I just plain love navy.
  • The stripes – I love stripes about as much as I love navy. This cardigan (nautical theme?) is one of my favourites.
  • The white shirt – Dressed up or down, there's nothing more classic or empowering than a tailored white shirt.
  • The scarf – A favourite accessory of mine, scarves are functional and stylish and I often use mine to add colour to an outfit. This one has sentimental value. It belonged to my late aunt who always looked immaculate and stylish. She wore bold, bright colours, which in my monochromatic world, I find inspiring. My sister chose it for me when she was sorting out my aunt's wardrobe after her death, because, of all the scraves, she thought this one said me. My sister, my mum and I all have one, each chosen for its appropriateness. I value the connection, to them and to my aunt.
  • The Postman belt – This vintage belt is a hand-me-down from my boyfriend. He bought it off a postman for R5 while he was at Rhodes University. I love how worn it is, I love its history and I love that it was his long before we met.
  • The ring – A gift from my boyfriend from the streets of Paris. I know, right?! We found a little jewelry shop (Metal Pontu) in the lanes, which makes interesting jewelry from recycled metals. We'd both promised ourselves – travelling on the rand – that we would only buy things we loved and classics we would keep forever and remember Paris by. We chose it together and this was his Paris for me.
  • The boots – It's such a cliche: "Invest in a good pair of boot". But these leather riding boots have been one of the most useful purchases. They've happily carried me through two seasons, on local and international streets and I love how they are wearing in. I remember the day I bought them, shopping with my mum and having buyer's remorse over the expense on my card, while we sat and had coffee. She lives far away and these boots, in a strange way, are an evocative link to her.

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