Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Beginning of a Beautiful Thing...

Don't you love starting something new? Whether it's a book, a bottle of wine or a romance, there's something beautiful about beginnings. I've been wanting to begin this for a while. Blogging, I mean. I deal with words all day, sitting at my Mac in the corner of the office (follow the dry wall warren as far as you can go and you'll find me there). But they're usually other people's words, that I'm moulding and shaping for the men's magazine I work on.

So I've been torn between wanting to escape into a creative space all of my own, and escape from my computer all together; to get outside and breathe in some fresh air or the pages of a musty book. In my search for balance, however, I strive to fill my life with joyful, interesting, inspiring, stylish, creative, fun and tasty things. Join me as I record the things around me that I love and am passionate about – from fashion to food, wine to words, restaurants to running and making beautiful things to wear, eat and drink. (Mostly to eat!)

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