Monday, November 22, 2010

My dream room

I get misty eyed just thinking about the the scene in Sex & The City movie when Mr Big remodels the (bee-ootiful) New York loft so that Carrie has every girl's dream: a walk-in closet. Every morning when my boyfriend and I queue for the hanging space, circling each other in our underwear-clad morning dance, searching amongst the compressed garments for a blouse, which is hidden under a shirt because I have to put a few things on one hanger, I think to myself, My life would be complete with a walk-in cupboard.

This weekend I did the seasonal swop – despite the rain and grey clouds, steadfastly switching winter coats and jerseys for bikinis and shorts; making a pile of clothes I didn't wear once this season to give away. I like my cupboards to be tidy, if cramped, so getting things organised and rediscovering something that was shoved to the back of a drawer can be a liberating experience. But I've been putting it off because it's a pretty time consuming puzzle working out where everything fits and folding and stacking and hanging, and, well, I'd rather be napping, or reading, or going for a walk, or having a sundowner or doing a headstand, anything else really on my precious Sunday.

So instead, I turned a rather uneventful weekend into a learning experience. I learnt...
  • To finish what I start – I'm prone to become so overwhelmed by the chaos I've created, that sitting on the couch seems like the only option at the time.
  • To get rid of something that I'm hanging onto because I like the idea of it.
  • Rose wine can really help clear your mind and help with the process.
  • Men don't understand this process, or why it has to take so long.
  • They are also far less sentimental about your stuff, so are good to ask when you're unsure whether to toss something.
  • You can stop after three biscuits.
  • To choose a Sunday with a dismal Sunday movie, so you're not tempted to give up and watch it.
  • Look at the big picture, and don't get lost in the details.

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