Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday was Thanksgiving, a tradition of gratitude that really appeals to me and that I've celebrated for a few years (despite having never experienced it in the States). A year ago, my overseas family was visiting and we spent Thanksgiving together. It turned out, that my sister was only a few days pregnant at the time, so a year later, we have a gorgeous new addition to the family to be thankful for.

I started a tradition of bringing in sweet treats to our office for Thanksgiving in 2008. Everyone has to write down something they're thankful for in order to receive! I then type up all the gratitudes – anonymously! – and stick them up around the office. I'm always amazed how hard it is for people to think of something they're grateful for at first, but once they do, the thanks keeps flowing and there's really a feeling of good will in the air.

It was my mother (and Oprah!) who instilled an attitude of gratitude in me, which – ha ha! – I'm very grateful for! Taking time to tally your thanks really puts things into perspective.

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